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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Line: I Think We've Crossed It

Click on the link to go to an Israeli new source article and video clip from the recent Qana, Lebanon destruction. I completely understand that Hizballah was firing from a nearby location, that perhaps the collapse of the building happened many hours after the Israeli attack due to probable Hizaballah weaponse being housed in/near this location. I completely understand the need for self-defense.

Still, I think that at some point, there's a line that you don't want to cross, that you can't cross. We need to change our mindset because to have so many children killed, so many people who are not Hizballah to be homeless and starving at our hands is just not acceptable.

I don't live in Israel right now, so I can't begin to try to say what Israeli policies should be. But, I don't ever want to see images like these again.

I also am appauled of the news of the shooting at the Jewish Community Center in Seattle. I used to work at a Jewish Community Center a couple of years ago and was frustrated by how not seriously everyone took the security issues....No one wanted to believe that American Jews would be targeted, especially outside of say NY or LA. And, after the numerous emails that I've seen fly around my department about how anti-Israel sentiments are not linked to isn't fun knowing that even here you're a target. I learned news of this shooting while flipping through channels trying to find something to watch with my mom. It upset her too, but luckily her short term memory is such that I think she quickly forgot about it when I changed the channel.



Blogger Karma said...

I'm feel better now that there is a cessation of air strikes for a bit and an investigation.

Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Peg Lee said...

We need PEACE...I find myself not even watching the news, because its so horrible.

Sunday, July 30, 2006 6:26:00 PM  
Anonymous ruby55 said...

I just read about that attack on the Jewish centre yesterday. As I said in one of my other comments, I rarely go to the news anymore. I don't even have my TV hooked up at the moment nor radio.

I can remember very clearly when TIME ran an article about 20 years ago about the "new intolerance" which had virtually turned the world upside down. But the old intolerance is, very unfortunately, still alive and well. I believe all intolerance is increasing. Yes, the news is appalling. I don't know whether shutting it out is good or not but I do know that I have to for the sake of my own sanity.

Friday, August 04, 2006 8:11:00 AM  

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